Tips For Choosing The Right Musical Instrument For Your Child's Lessons

If your child would like to learn to play an instrument, you'll need to decide which instrument to start with. Choosing the right one is important, because it ensures that your child finds lessons enjoyable. The more enjoyable those lessons are, the better chance there is that he or she will stick to the lessons. Whether you're thinking about drums, flute or guitar, here are a few things you should consider.

How Old is Your Child?

If you're opting for an instrument for a child who is under six years old, you're going to want to be sure that he or she understands how important it is to treat instruments properly. You're also going to want something that doesn't require as much coordination or physical strength to play. These kids are better off with something like piano or violin. Kids who are older can play more complex instruments, like guitars and woodwind instruments.

How Big is the Instrument?

Don't overlook the importance of instrument size for your child. If your child is small in stature or has small hands, he or she may struggle with things such as the bass or the piano. Kids with fine motor skill delays or large hands may have trouble with more precise instruments, like the mandolin. Be sure that your child can handle the instrument comfortably before you invest. Most instrument stores will allow you to spend some time examining and trying out different options to find something that's comfortable for your child and easy for him or her to control.

How Does Your Child Feel About the Instrument?

Before you invest in any musical instrument, make sure you understand how your child feels about it. Sometimes, kids will try to choose an instrument they don't really like solely because they think the one they do like would be criticized by their peers. This can lead to frustration with the lessons due to a lack of interest. Make sure that your child is following his or her interest, not peer pressure when it comes to making a selection. To know for sure that the instrument you pick is the one he or she wants, ask your child what their favorite feature of the instrument is. The more you discuss it, the easier it will be to determine if your child is truly excited about it or is simply settling.

Music lessons help to encourage creativity, but only when your child is truly happy with the instrument that he or she is learning. With these tips, you'll be more likely to find the one that's the right fit. For more information about picking the right instrument, visit a store like Wilmington Jewelry & Loan.