Gothic Casual Attire For Women

Gothic attire is a fun and creative style that you can wear almost anywhere. Gothic attire is appropriate when worn at a nightclub or evening event. You can wear an entire gothic outfit or mix some gothic pieces with other clothing. The most important part of dressing in a gothic style is to be original and creative. Here are some gothic looks that you can incorporate into your outfits in whole or in part:   

Gothic Colors:  Gothic attire is most often black in color. Other deep colors can also be worn in combination with black such as dark red, purple, blue, gray, and green. Lighter colors such as dark pink and yellow can be worn sparingly and are most effective when worn underneath black lace or black gauze so only a hint of their color shows through. 

Gothic Hems:  When wearing a casual gothic dress, skirt, or coat, choose one with a layered, asymmetrical hem. These hems look as if they have been torn and are hanging from the waist. This distressed look can add dimension and interest to a gothic outfit. Gothic skirts and dresses can also be worn in layers, with each layer having its own asymmetrical hem. This is especially effective on an outer coat worn over other gothic pieces. 

Gothic Stockings:  If you want to wear black gothic stockings or tights choose a pair that has been ripped in horizontal slashes. These stockings can add to the distressed look of your gothic clothing. Black garters and mid-thigh stockings can also be worn under a multi-layered dress or skirt to show some of your legs. Black fishnet stockings are also a good look when worn with a gothic dress or under a pair of black shorts or a mini skirt.  

Gothic Lacings and Corsets:  Another basic gothic look can be attained when you wear a black corset or a lace-up top over another shirt or underwear. You can also wear a black corset without anything underneath. This will expose a bit of skin and give you a very dramatic look. 

Gothic Footwear:  When choosing shoes to wear with your gothic attire, select black boots that lace up to the knee and have lots of buckles and straps. Shorter boots can also be worn and look good with either dresses or pants. Boots look good with platform soles to give you a bit more height. Lace-up black boots can also be worn untied and scrunched down to the ankle to create a different silhouette. You can also wear black platform heels and/or flats especially if they have lots of straps and buckles. 

Gothic Jewelry:  When accessorizing your gothic attire with jewelry, choose large statement necklaces and bracelets that are made of gold, silver, brass, copper, and/or iron. Metallic spikes can effectively adorn gothic chokers, bracelets, and belts to add interest and shine. You can also wear a large metal-studded belt on your hips or waist with a skirt, dress, or pants. 

If you like the look of gothic clothing, wear a bit of it every day. This will allow you to be creative and experiment with many different combinations. Above all, be original and create different looks. You will have fun and look very stylish wherever you go. For more information, talk to a professional like Andromeda Of The Dark.