Five Fantastic Features To Look For In Your Next New Pair Of Boots

Depending on your vocation, you may need to periodically replace and upgrade your work boots. Consider boots to be an investment in the health and comfort of your feet! If you work in adverse conditions, you may choose to invest in leather footwear or something breathable, like Gore-Tex, which will keep your feet dry in wet situations.

Five features to find when shopping for new work boots are:

1. A sturdy toe. If the job calls for work boots, it likely calls for a reinforced toe. Most consumers prefer the conventional and durable steel toe, which will protect your feet from all kinds of work-related hazards. If you are looking for something more lightweight, an aluminum toe is a viable option. If you work in a metal-free workplace, composite toes will keep your feet protected.

2. A slip-proof sole. There are all kinds of thick, rubber soles found when shopping for work boots; you may elect to pay a little more for a slip-proof sole. These can prevent you from a nasty fall or slippery surfaces when working in wet conditions. Take a good look at the boot's tread to determine if it will hold up to the rigors of your job.

3. Protection for your toes. Some jobs call for added protection which is where toe guards can come in. Toe guards protect the upper foot and toes, which is something many may forget about. These extra features are particularly great for welders and machinists.

4. Overall comfort. If the shoe is uncomfortable, you will be miserable when trying to do your job. Invest in some added comfort with anti-microbial insoles, which will keep your feet padded and supported. These may also offer absorbency and breathable materials that help to keep feet cool and dry.

5. Extra support. Anyone can benefit from some added arch support, whether you have high arches or flat feet. Folks with plantar fasciitis may also feel much more comfort when buying a boot with extra arch support. These features create even pressure across the entire foot and distribute your weight evenly, which results in a much more comfortable shoe or boot.

Keep an eye out for these five features when shopping for your new work boots; depending on what you do, these are a prudent investment that will pay off in comfort and safety on the job. Check out online footwear merchants to find the best boots for your workplace, and to find the best prices on quality footwear. 

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