Daughter Away At College And Turning 21? 3 Tips To Make Her Birthday Special

If you have a daughter that is away at college and she is turning 21, you are likely wanting to be with her. If you cannot, however, you can still make her birthday a special one for her. Below are some tips on how you can do this so you can get started.

Send Her Flowers

Receiving a bouquet of birthday flowers will bring a big smile to your daughter's face. You could send her birth month flowers. For example, if she was born in January, the snow drop or carnation are the flowers for her. If she was born in February, the primrose or violet flowers would be for her.

If you would not like to give her birthday month flowers you can choose your own flowers. Simply call a floral delivery service in your daughter's town and ask them to create a bouquet for you. Tell them the type of flowers you would like to include in the bouquet. Ask the floral delivery service if they can attach balloons to the flower vase to make them even more special.

Make sure the flower delivery service understands these flowers are going to a college dorm room if that is where she is living.

Birthday Treat Jar

There are birthday treat jars that you can purchase online or you can make your own. If you choose to buy one online, choose a company that will put a message on the jar, such as happy birthday, her favorite quote, etc.

If you choose to make this yourself go to a store and choose a pretty glass jar with a lid. You could also tie a ribbon around it.  You can put a monogram on the jar yourself.  When you are finished, fill the jar full of colorful candy that she loves. When the jar is empty she can then use it for something else, such as to put pens and pencils in or some of her favorite things. 

Birthday Care Package

Many parents send care packages to their children at college. You can do this but instead send a birthday care package. Start out with birthday gifts you plan to give he, then add food she likes to snack on. Once you add this food then add some special things from home. For example, she may have a favorite stuffed animal, or you could take pictures of her room, yourself, and the rest of the family and place in the care package. Go around your town and take pictures of the places she liked to hang out. If she has friends that still live in the town, purchase a birthday care from them and have all of them sign it.

Send her one or more of these gifts and your daughter will be surprised on her birthday.