Hospitality: Ways To Extend It To The Community

Hospitality is something that does not always go hand in hand everywhere you go. In fact, some might argue that it is a forgotten addition to good customer service. If you would like to return some congeniality to the area where you operate your business, here are some ideas to try:

Free Popcorn EVERY Day

Popcorn may not sound like much, but it is the smell and the taste that makes a connection with others. People who walk into your store can get a small bag of fresh popcorn right at the door. No cost to customers means that you are extending to them a thank you just for coming in. If you have several homeless citizens who come for popcorn too, it becomes a charitable contribution as well. 

You can find a simple popcorn machine for sale just about anywhere. You know the kind; glass case and two doors that open to reveal mounds of popcorn. Don't forget to get a scooper too!

Free Bottled Water, Soda or Coffee

Other businesses also hand out something to drink. Dentists offer coffee from pods and bottled water, gas stations offer a free can of soda or fountain drink with gas purchase, and some automotive repair places offer a free soda to everyone who walks in the door. It is up to you what you want to offer since the expense is yours (as is the tax write-off!).

Free Samples 

There are bakeries and restaurants that offer free samples of everything from breads and cookies to new meat recipes. Additionally, these establishments donate their day-old goods to local pantries and soup kitchens to help feed the hungry. If this is the type of business you own and operate, you could give back to the community in these ways.

Free Delivery

In the '50's, if you needed something from the grocery store and you did not have a car to go get it, you could ring up the store and request delivery. That service fell by the wayside over the years, although it is currently making a comeback courtesy of online grocery orders and same-day deliveries. Rather than charge for what you sell, you could include free delivery for any grocery purchase over a certain dollar amount spent. This is especially helpful to everyone who does not have a car, cannot afford a taxi or Uber/Lyft, and does not want to lug a ton of groceries aboard a city bus.

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