Signing Up For Fashion Subscription Boxes: Four Helpful Hints

Fashion subscription boxes give you a fun way to try out new looks and stay on top of the latest style trends. Finding the right subscription for your personal style can be tricky if you have never signed up for this type of service before. Here are some helpful hints you can use to get the most out of your subscription service.

Start Small

If you've never done a subscription service before, consider starting with a simple option. For example, fashion accessory subscription boxes still provide the on-trend looks you want without requiring you to make space in your closet for new clothes. Accessory and footwear subscriptions are also ideal if you have a large wardrobe that you simply want to dress up for each season. When you select an accessory or footwear subscription, be sure that you select your preferred looks and styles so the people curating the boxes every month select items that coordinate with your signature style. You can contact companies like L.V. Kiki for more information.

Understand The Terms

Some subscriptions let you send back any items that don't work for you free of charge, while others require you to pay for everything that's in the box. Be sure to read all of the terms and conditions so you know what your obligation is if something doesn't meet your personal tastes. It's also important to find out how to cancel your subscription. You may find that some programs require a set commitment, and you'll want to know how long you'll be charged for your monthly boxes of goodies.

Check Size Charts

When you sign up for an apparel subscription, take some time to read the sizing charts. This can help ensure a good fit the first time around for any items you receive. Look at measurements for inseams and hems as well as general sizing. You may also be able to list your preference for mix-and-match items, such as two-piece bathing suits and intimate apparel. This will make it easier to get a great fit on the top and on the bottom. For accessory subscriptions, indicate your preferred bracelet size and necklace length, and include your ring size as well.

Look For Color And Design Preferences

Some subscription services let you choose your preferred colors and design preferences. You may even be able to indicate that you don't want any items that don't fall within those preferences. For example, if you dislike capri pants, you'll be able to say that this is not ideal for you. Filling out as much of this information as possible can help ensure you are satisfied with the items you receive every month.