Are You Already Planning Your Child's High School Graduation?

Are you in amazement that your child is old enough to graduate from high school? You probably remember vividly the day your child was born. It wasn't long before he or she started kindergarten, and you are wondering where the years went. If you are an individual who likes to plan ahead, you are probably already making plans for your high schooler's graduation. Whether arranging for his or her graduation sash or buying a special gift, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a memorable event.

The Graduation Sash - Of course, those in charge of senior graduation are probably already planning every detail, from where to rent graduation gowns and caps to the graduation sashes that each senior will wear. It might be that the sashes that will be selected will be in your child's school colors. In addition, different colors might be selected for those who graduate with honors to let all in the audience know who has accomplished certain achievements.  However, find out if you can also order additional graduation sashes. For example, if your son was an Eagle Scout outside school, find out if he can wear a graduation sash with the words Eagle Scout as part of the design of the sash.

The Graduation Gift - You might have already planned to give your graduate something very special, perhaps a car to take to college or an heirloom watch that was given to you when you graduated from high school or from college. However, consider giving your graduate an additional gift, a sentimental one that he or she can keep forever. Think of buying a frame, maybe a shadow box, that will hold special mementos, like his or her graduation sash or sashes, the program from high school graduation, and the words of the class motto. Placing those graduation mementos in a permanent frame means that they can be displayed at your home for now and can then be taken to your child's permanent residence when he or she is older. 

No matter what you do to commemorate your child's graduation from high school, instead of buying a commercial graduation card to go along with his or her gift, think of writing your own message on a beautiful card that has no message inside. Write words that express gratitude for the great son or daughter that your child has been, and express pride in his or her accomplishments.