Spooky Gag Gifts For A Newly Bearded Wolfman Lookalike

Growing a hipster-style beard seems to be the rage among many. A formerly clean-shaven person might become tired of the old look and go for something different. Facial hair -- lots of it -- might do the job. Growing a beard does more than change appearances. Beards often come associated with certain lifestyles and attitudes. Wall Street formal wear and thick beards don't go together. Facial hair and outdoor life, the counterculture, and laid back living do make nice fits. There's something else a beard reminds people about -- old-school movie werewolves. Friends and family of the newly-bearded can poke a little fun with a wolfman-themed joke gift idea.

Beards and the Wolfman Look

Special effects artists maximize the fright factor of modern werewolves by making them look like bipedal giant wolves. The old-time Wolfman of black and white movies wasn't as sophisticated, but the creature's appearance presented an air of spooky fun. And yes, in 1942's The Wolfman, Lon Chaney Jr. does look like a guy whose beard grew out of control and all over his face. When a bearded buddy's birthday or other event comes up, think about the following joke gift ideas:

  • Wolfman Bobblehead: As soon as the recipient pulls this gift out of the box, the joke sinks in immediately. The little Wolfman pretty much says "This is the little you." A bobblehead of a semi-snarling wolfman can't help but elicit laughs. Tweaking the bobblehead a little further adds to the humor. Maybe the bearded one does work on Wall Street or another professional environment. A bobble-headed wolfman in a suit could make the perfect absurd gift.
  • Sports and Monster Themed Apparel: Monster-themed sports clothing can leave a mark on someone's funny bone when the humor hits a home run. A baseball cap or football jersey featuring the Wolfman with words like "Welcome to the team!" should bring about laughs in a good sport.
  • Warning Mugs: Joke mugs make perfect gag gifts thanks to the clever wording on them. A cup with the full moon and words proclaiming "Wolfman on Break" may look great on a desk. A mug with an inscription at the bottom -- revealed when taking a sip -- stating "Beware! The Wolfman!" gets an urgent message across.

What makes these gag gift ideas near perfect? They reveal people do notice the beard, which is what the person ultimately wants. Gifts may require personalized wording and pictures, but this shouldn't be an issue. Sellers often meet requests for personalizing gag gifts.