How To Get People To Really Engage During A Motivational Seminar

Giving motivational seminars is a very rewarding endeavor, whether you treat it as a hobby or profession. If people emerge from your seminars feeling motivated and empowered, then you will have no trouble finding new clients who are interested in your talks. But how do you make those motivational seminars truly motivating? How do you get people to really engage, rather than just sitting and listening? Here are a few strategies to consider implementing.

1. Give everyone matching jerseys. 

Does your motivational seminar have a slogan, or is there a mantra you tell attendees to remember? Consider having this mantra or motivational slogan printed on a bunch of jerseys. Distribute the jerseys to your attendees as they come in the door. This will serve a few purposes. First, if people are literally wearing the seminar's mantra, it will really start to feel like a part of them. Second, since everyone is wearing the same purpose motivational jersey, they will feel more united throughout the seminar, which will help them work more effectively as a team. 

2. Tell a relatable story. 

In order to draw people in and make them feel as though you have something meaningful to share with them, you need to break down the barriers between them and you. You need them to think of you as someone they are sharing this experience with and not an authority figure. A good way to do this is by starting your seminar by telling a relatable story. You could tell them about how your experience with a college roommate led you to realize the importance of breaking outside your social circle or how your first job out of college helped you realize your worth. Sticking with school and work-related stories ensures most in the room will be able to relate.

3. Invite others to share.

The best motivational seminars don't just involve the leader talking to the audience for three hours. They get the attendees involved! In addition to orchestrating some games and team activities, plan to spend an hour just allowing attendees to come to the stage and share their personal stories related to motivation and self-confidence. The attendees will start to realize motivation can come from within — a take-home message that will benefit them from years to come.

If you keep the advice above in mind, your motivational seminars will soon become a hit! Encourage your past attendees to keep wearing their jerseys day after day, as this will serve as advertising for you, too