Ways To Show Off Fun Paris, Texas T Shirts

If you currently live in Paris, Texas, then you may want to show your city and state pride. If you are from this area, then you may want to show your roots. If you like Paris, Texas for any other reason, then you may want to show your appreciation for the area that you hold near and dear to your heart. You can wear Paris, Texas-themed T-shirts to look good while you show off your love of the area. Here are some of the reasons why Paris, Texas T-shirts can be so fun.

A play on Paris

You can have a fun play on "Paris, France" and tie it into the Paris, Texas shirt. One example of a way this can be done is by having a shirt that has a picture of the Eiffel Tower on it but has the name "Paris, Texas" written on the shirt. A nice touch is to have the writing be in a very fancy cursive; this will make the shirt have an even better look to it.

There are other ways that you can use the play on "Paris" as well. You can have a shirt that has the name "Paris, Texas" anywhere on the front of the shirt so it is obvious where the shirt is advertising for, but there can be fun pictures that people normally associate with the other Paris. Some examples of pictures that can be included on the shirt include pictures of Pepe Le Pew the cartoon skunk, pictures of colorful berets, and other things that are normally associated with Paris, France.

A play on Texas

You can wear shirts that have strong Texas elements along with the name, "Paris, Texas". You can wear a shirt that has a picture of the state of Texas, a picture of cowboy boots, a picture of a cowboy hat, pictures of any ranch livestock commonly found in Texas, or more. In fact, you can wear a shirt that displays some or even all of these things.

Funny sayings

You can wear shirts that have funny sayings on them. One example of how this can be done is to wear a shirt that says something like, "Everything is bigger in Texas, even the Eiffel Tower!" This pulls a bunch of different creative elements into the shirt that shows the pride you want while still using that play on France. 

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