Why Choose Designer Tungsten Wedding Rings

As you and your future spouse look for your wedding rings, you may want to consider getting a set made from tungsten. This metal is an alloy when tungsten and carbon are combined. If you do a bit of research, you will find that designer tungsten wedding rings are becoming more popular. The reason for this rise in popularity is due to the many benefits of the alloy. Here are just a few things you should consider before heading to the jewelry stores.


While gold, silver, and platinum may look beautiful, they are not very strong. You can easily bend, crack, or scratch this metals, damaging your rings. However, tungsten is much stronger. You will be hard pressed to damage a tungsten wedding ring. You won't have to worry about bending the band and making it cut into your finger or having to have it cut off because the ring was damaged during a simple fall. Remember, carbon is what makes diamonds so hard. A tungsten carbide ring will have the hardness factor of 9.5. This is about four times as hard as titanium and leaves gold and silver in the dust.


Most people will never know that your rings are made of tungsten. In fact, it can be very difficult to tell the difference between tungsten, platinum, and titanium. People checking out your rings will never know, unless they are a professional jeweler and happen to have a testing kit on them. As an added benefit, tungsten does not fade the way most other precious metals do over time. Your wedding rings will look as good as new for many years without the need to have them polished, refinished, or touched up.


Since tungsten is not as expensive as the precious metals, you can have your wedding rings customized without breaking the budget. The two of you should sit down with a jeweler to discuss how you want the rings to look. You may want etching, grooves, color, or even have gems embedded. You wont have to worry about the added cost for customization because you will be saving so much money on the ring itself.

You are entering into this marriage for the long haul. You should have wedding rings that will last just as long without losing any of their looks. Create the rings you and your future spouse have always dreamed of by getting designer tungsten wedding rings.