Areas Of Your Home That Can Benefit From Wall Clocks

If you're thinking about buying one or more wall clocks for your home, there's a good chance that you'll have specific rooms in mind. Many people favor wall clocks in such rooms as their living rooms and kitchens, but there are many different locations in which these additions can also be valuable. You don't necessarily need a wall clock in every room, but thinking about some additional spaces for clocks — and then shopping for those that have designs that match the surrounding decor — can be a good way to add style and functionality to your home. Here are some areas of your home that can benefit from wall clocks.


If you have a luxury home that is equipped with a dry sauna, you might enjoy unwinding in this space several times a week — especially during the winter months. This isn't an area that you'll want to occupy indefinitely, though. Generally, spending 5 to 10 minutes in this space is advisable. Because of the importance of timing, it's a good idea to have a clock in this room so that you can monitor your time in the sauna. Given that dry saunas typically have wooden walls, you may wish to look for a wall clock made of wood that matches this look or contrasts it in a stylish manner.


Most people don't have clocks in their garages, but this can often be an oversight. If you're working on a car or tackling some other project in the garage, you may become unaware of the time. With greasy or oily hands, grabbing your cellphone to check the time can be a bad idea. It's ideal if you have a wall clock mounted in the garage that you can glance at whenever there's a need. Look for a clock that has a design that will suit this space. One with wrought iron or stainless steel elements, for example, can be a good look in the garage.


The bathroom might not be the first room that you think about when you're contemplating where you need a wall clock. However, this is definitely a space that can benefit from this addition. The bathroom is one of the rooms in your home that you may often visit without your cellphone — thus meaning that you may not know the time. For example, you might get ready in the morning while your cellphone charges in the kitchen or have a bath in the evening with your cellphone in another room so that it doesn't distract you. In either case, it can still be advantageous to know what time it is. There are plenty of wall clocks that will complement the look of your bathroom.

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