Prepare Goodie Bags For The Upcoming Holidays

Rich chocolate, tangy apple, and vanilla taffy that contains a peanut butter center are popular flavors that fall under the heading of Abba-Zaba. If you are going to be creating goodie bags for the upcoming holidays and want to incorporate popular candies and sweet treats, purchase some standard and mystery taffy flavors, which can be enjoyed on their own or added to other homemade creations.

Choose Known Preferences Or Something Surprising

Soft, pliable taffy that contains a rich, creamy center can be enjoyed straight out of the package. If the goodie bags will be given to your children, use their preferences to guide you in preparing your taffy order. For an ever-changing flavor profile and a bit of a surprise, opt for the mystery taffy products, which come in full-sized bars and mini sizes.

Taffy is a traditional candy product that is enjoyed worldwide. Because it lacks the outer chocolatey layer that so many candy competitors promote, taffy is often preferred over standard candy bar types since it won't make much of a mess while someone is eating it. 

Get Creative With Your Setup

Decide if you would like to use intact taffy bars, homemade creations, or a combination of the two to create goodie bags. For bars that contain the original wrapping, use a cloth or vinyl bag to store the goodies. Decorate the outside of each bag, using themed stickers, fabric paint, and small embellishments that contain adhesives.

Cookies, brownies, or danishes are some homemade items that you can use to entice the recipients of the goodie bags. Use some of the taffy to add a hint of an alternate flavoring or to complement similar flavors in some of the baked goods that you plan on making. For cookie batter, cut a couple of taffy bars into small pieces.

The taffy pieces should be about the same size as chocolate chips. Similar taffy tidbits can be added to brownie or danish batter. Another option is to melt down either some mystery taffy or a standard taffy flavor and use the softened taffy as a coating, in lieu of caramel that would typically be used to coat apples or another treat that is on a stick.

After preparing the homemade creations, place them inside of cellophane wrap. Use pieces of ribbon to secure the edges of the wrap. Place the homemade creations inside of the bags that contain the standard and mystery taffy bars. 

To learn more, contact a resource that supplies Abba-Zaba mystery taffy.