3 Reasons to Choose Athletic Crew Socks

Athletic crew socks were once the standard in socks and were known for their comfort and usefulness. Crew socks are socks that reach past the ankle and come up just a bit under mid-calf. Traditionally, they are white, but now you can find them in any shade of the rainbow.

Recently, athletic crew socks have made a comeback, not only because they are comfortable and make sense when you do anything active, but also because they are a fashion statement. Wearing crew socks is back in, and here are three reasons you should choose them the next time you shop for socks. 

1. Comfort 

The first reason you should choose crew socks is that they are comfortable. They are typically made from cotton and a mix of spandex or polyester, so they have a good stretch but also hold their shape well. 

They usually wick up moisture and prevent you from having sweaty and wet feet. Because they come a little higher on your leg, you do not have to worry about them slipping down into your shoe when you are walking. 

2. Utility

The second reason that crew socks are making a comeback is that they are practical. You can wear them with most types of shoes and for most activities. They are particularly useful when you play sports or exercise since their height makes them a no-fuss type of sock; you will not end up with a chafed heel because your sock balled up. 

The extra coverage is great protection against nicks and scrapes if you are playing a contact sport or hiking through the underbrush. They are also good for protecting against ticks when you are going out into long grass or sagebrush. Lower socks can leave your ankle exposed to bites and stings. 

3. Style 

Athletic crew socks are also a great part of a stylish outfit. With the rise of athleisure fashion, crew socks became trendy again. Athleisure focuses on sporty looks that are also comfortable, and crew socks fit right in. What was once a major fashion faux pas is now haute couture; take a look at these five trendy ways to wear crew socks:

  • Outside of yoga pants
  • With basketball shorts 
  • With rolled-up jeans 
  • With a floral midi skirt 
  • With sweatpants and platform shoes

Whatever trendy new style you try, put yourself and your crew socks out there for the world to see.