How Shopping Malls Have Changed in Recent Years

Shopping centers have been around for decades. They've long been a place where people spend time with friends, search for deals, and even enjoy some lunch in the food court. But malls are always changing. Today's malls are quite a bit different from those of the 1980s or even the 1990s. Here are some of the biggest changes you're likely to notice when you visit a mall these days.

More Services

Malls are no longer just places to shop. More and more, they are becoming places where you can have basic services provided for you. For example, many malls have a hair salon and at least one nail salon. There may be a massage clinic, and perhaps even a teeth-whitening clinic. This is a nice change. It enables you to visit the mall on the weekend and cross multiple things off your to-do list while you're there. 

More Specialty Shops

People are buying more and more things online these days. You may not feel the need to go to the mall to buy your basic, everyday items. Malls are responding by welcoming more specialty stores that carry items that may be harder to find and purchase online. For example, you may see a store selling handmade handbags and jewelry, or one that sells equipment for a specific sport. 

Eat-In Restaurants

This trend has been developing for a while, but it has really taken off in the last few years. Malls no longer just have food courts with a few fast-food restaurants you can order from. Today, most malls have at least a couple of sit-down restaurants attached to them. This makes it easier to eat a full meal while you are out shopping. Often, you can put your name on the seating list, go shop, and get called back to the restaurant when your table is ready.

Pop-Up Events

It's also becoming common for malls to host pop-up events. For example, the mall may invite a local band to come play one weekend and a local gymnastics team to come perform another. Sometimes, these events are designed to be fundraisers for charity. They also bring traffic into the mall and are a way to attract shoppers.

Malls are changing, but in many ways, they are changing for the better. Stop by a mall in your area, and enjoy doing some shopping. It's fun to browse your options and choose things.