What To Do When Looking For A Large Piece Of Turquoise

Turquoise is a soothing stone that often has veins of rock running through it, known as a matrix. The stone goes wonderfully with silver and is usually very affordable. If you want to find a large turquoise pendant or another piece of jewelry, take some steps to ensure you get what you'll be happy with.

Color and Matrix Preferences

You'll need to decide what color of turquoise you want to look for. Most people think of the classic "robin's egg blue," but turquoise comes in greener shades as well. It really helps to see the turquoise in person as the lighting in photographs can affect the visible hue. You'll also see a huge variation in matrix inclusion, and you'll need to decide just how much matrix is acceptable to you.

Real Turquoise and Fake Turquoise

There's nothing wrong with wearing fake turquoise if you know it's fake and just want the look of the stone, rather than needing the stone itself. If all you're after is looks, there are some great imitations out there, including dyed howlite and a reconstituted form of turquoise that contains real turquoise, just in a processed, ground-up form. But if you want genuine turquoise, you'll need some way to ensure the stone you get is real.

The bluer the stone and the less matrix evident in the piece, the more expensive the stone will be. This is also true for the size of the stone. A cheap, large, very blue piece of turquoise is not likely to be authentic. You can see about doing a scratch test because real turquoise won't scratch that easily, but fake turquoise, especially dyed howlite, would be damaged in the test. Only ask for a scratch test on pieces you already own or those where the seller insists the piece is real.

Choosing a Seller

Choosing a seller for that turquoise is tricky. It's best if you can go in person so that you can examine the pendant in person; that lets you judge the stone's weight and see the color without it being affected by your computer screen's settings and resolution. If buying online is your only option, see if you can find a seller who has diplomas or certifications from organizations like the American Gem Society. The turquoise they sell will be more likely to be authentic, or any modifications that the seller mentions will be more likely to be accurate.

Turquoise is a very nice stone that isn't too difficult to find in general. But if you want that nice, robin's-egg-blue color and a large piece of genuine turquoise, you've got to shop carefully.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for turquoise jewelry, such as an 18 in turquoise pendant necklace, from a local supplier.