3 Methods To Mark Your Mailbox

For some people, checking their mail can be the high point of their day. It can be frustrating not to have mail or get someone else's mail. One reason there can be mix-ups with mail is that the mailboxes aren't clearly labeled. If the mail carrier can't tell whose mailbox is whose, they can't deliver the mail to the correct mailbox every time. There are several ways that you can make sure that your mailbox is easily identified. That can help ensure you get your mail when you want it. What are some options that you can use to label your mailbox?

Name Tags

One option is to use name tags on your mailbox. These tags can have your last name and your house or apartment number. Or you can get tags that will have enough space for you to put your last name, plus the first names of the people who live there and the house numbers. Name tags also have the option of being easily removable, letting you take off the tag when you move. For more information on mailbox name tags like Florence mailbox name tags, contact a company near you.

Clear Plastic Pockets

Another way to label your mailbox involves putting a clear plastic pocket on the inside of your mailbox. The plastic will protect anything that is inside of it. Then you can write your name and the names of anyone else who lives in your home on a card or piece of paper and slide it into that plastic pocket. All the mail carrier will have to do at that point is open the mailbox and look at the card to see whose mailbox it is. Because the paper is in a clear plastic pocket, it will be easy for them to see the card. They will not have to remove anything to check.

Distinctive Mailbox

A third option that you can use is to get a very distinctive mailbox. For example, you could get a mailbox that is brightly colored and doesn't look like any of your neighbors' boxes. You could also get a uniquely shaped mailbox. Once the mail carrier knows that that is your mailbox, they shouldn't have any problems confusing where your mail should go, even if it is a substitute carrier.

If checking your mail and getting mail is a big part of your day, you want to ensure that the mail carrier knows which mailbox is yours. There are several ways that you can go about doing this.